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Lynn Maverick Denzer Fine Art

San Antonio, TX


Lynn Maverick Denzer is a San Antonio artist who paints, draws, or takes photos to inspire her work every day. Her intrigue with the visual mind has inspired her technique for creating images with a graceful and expressive drama. Since retiring from public secondary art teaching, she has created water colors and acrylics that show her technical skill and creative imagination. Her experience in teaching has opened up possibilities to use mediums such as collage, ceramic sculpting , 3-D constructions, and silver jewelry design
Besides majoring in art and English in college she has also sought out other types of art classes. Every new experience is just another layer to my art journey, says Lynn and she also still learns from the small classes and workshops she teaches to child ages up to senior citizens.
For years, Lynn has worked in water color, because of the fluidity and variety of effects. This medium she travels with also, finding many beautiful and intriguing objects in nature and life. Her paintings are from memory and fantasy, Her themes vary from Japanese Tea Gardens, to the spirit of the Native Southwest, Western Lowland Gorillas, and recently from traveling to Hawaii and experiencing the wonder of the oceans color , sound and feel, dipping her paper in the salt water for her first experimental layer. Lynn has used experimental mediums such as the color of cactus tuna on wet water color paper, which produced images to or from her imagination.
Sitting at San Antonio's Japanese Tea Gardens photographing, sketching and painting in the morning sun was refreshing and she remembers her mother telling her about visits there as a child to see the Japanese children who lived there and playing amongst the flora , watching the pond life Her exhibit of paintings, which she named " Moon in Pisces" watercolor group was on exhibit in April, 2012, at Highwire Art Gallery in San Antonio, Tx. and At Inspire on Fire. In 2013 at Highwire, she created and exhibited paintings of an interesting Western Lowland Gorilla family in a Zoo, romantically giving them exotic and ideal habitats At present, summer, 2013, Lynn is intrigued with Ocean waves and what she sees or thinks she may see in them, after her trip to Oahu and South Padre Island. Presently Lynn's original artwork and prints are at Galleria II in La Villita Historical Arts Village in San Antonio, Texas. She and other artists there work on their art on a daily basis and encourage the public to view then creating.
All images by Lynn Maverick Denzer copyrighted.


American Southwest Beauty


Hill Country White Poppy


Pride of Barbados


Texas Hill Country Cow


Brilliant Pride


Texas Sunflowers


Blue Skies Sunflower


Angel's Trumpet Exotica


Sumi-e horse with Bamboo 2


Year of the horse 3


Year of the Horse 2


Year of the Horse 1


Ma the Horse


Museum Presence


La Villita Shadows


Plaza National at La Villita


La Villita Galleries


Rositas Bridge on the Riverwalk


Celebrate San Antonio


Dancing on the Rooftop II


Golden Koi


First Spring Days


Fuschia Goldfish


Pink Cat Sings the Blues


Lady in that Pink Hat